A different tack! – Episode 90

May 20th, 2010

I’m back! And on a different tack!

I have decided to try something completely different in my quest to make some easy money……I think I may try my hand at Poker! No, don’t laugh, I am serious. You see those guys on TV playing for really big money and I want a piece of that action. Plus there are many Poker websites and Online Poker were you can try to win a wad so I will be checking those out also. Only one small problem. I don’t know how to play poker. But I can’t let a minor detail like that stop me! Oh no. I am John Bookman and I am on a mission to make my fortune gambling, or die a lonely drunk in the gutter trying!

OK then, how do I learn to play poker and get my head around the whole poker process? Well through research of course! And to that end I have located some top secret documents usually only shown to poker-faced players in the know. But guess what? I am gonna share the secrets with you and together we can learn to play poker and make our gambling fortunes after all! Ha ha ha…….

First document will be revealed in the next exciting installment. How can you not stay tuned? :-)