Episode 9

March 24th, 2008

Shit! I have just realised that it is Friday 13th.

Yesterday I broke my own rules by having a bet on Thomas Bjorn to finish above Jacobson in the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament. I have never even heard of Jacobson! I don’t even know his first name. I backed Bjorn because I had heard of him! How stupid is that? That is gambling in its purest form and goes against my stated strategy of only betting on “dead certs”. So I deserve to lose my money. It’s Friday 13th and I deserve to lose my hard earned 50p.

A quick visit to SkySports.com confirms my fears as I can now see that Fredrik Jacobson (at least I now know his first name) is indeed leading Thomas Bjorn by 3 shots. So he’s quite good at golf after all. In fact he must have worshiped at the Temple of the Dimpled Ball for years to even be in the bloody Buick Invitational. Ah well – 3 rounds to go yet and in golf anything can happen at any time (well it does to me anyway). Let’s hope Freddie gets stuck in some particularly nasty bunker at some stage. This gambling lark can change a person. Here I am now wishing ill-will to a guy who I know nothing about and who has never harmed me in any way. Actually I don’t mind if he comes second in the competition – just as long as Bjorn comes first.

To ease the pain of what looks at this stage to be a very bad betting decision I have decided to return to my original strategy of backing firm favourites and have therefore just put my last 50p on Liverpool to knock Portsmouth out of the FA Cup on Sunday. Michael Owen is scoring again and Pompey are struggling a bit at the moment embroiled as they are in a relegation battle in the Premiership. I am hoping they will reserve their effort to avoiding relegation and therefore not worry too much about progressing in the FA Cup.


Number of bets made so far – 10
Number of bets won – 3
Number of bets lost – 3
Number of bets still outstanding – 4
Money to play with 19p
Money won – 69p
Money lost – ÂŁ3
Poker hands played – 000

Looking at the above summary this experiment could well be over before it has hardly begun! All will be much clearer on Monday.