Back to normality – Episode 85

July 24th, 2009

So the excitement of the World Cup Challenge has now subsided and we are back to the usual battle between me and Blue Square. One thing the World Cup Challenge has taught me is that it is always better to place small bets rather than a large one, no matter how sure you are. Remember, there are no dead certs, and bet accordingly.

One interesting bet I have just placed is for Little Britain star David Walliams to win the BBC Sports Personality of The Year award for his recent Cross Channel Charity swim. I have bet ÂŁ2 at 6/1 and think that is one wacky idea that may actually happen! I can’t see any other contenders bearing in mind our rceent failures in Germany and Wimbledon (unless Monty wins the Open of course!)

Speaking of The Open, prior to the start I also bet ÂŁ1 on Tiger Woods at 11/2 to win this year following a return to form after the understandable slump following the death of his father.

The only other bet I have outstanding is ÂŁ2 on Pete to win Big Brother placed when his odds were 7/2! He is now at 1/4 – I can’t see anyone else winning it.

Number of bets still outstanding – 3
Running total – ÂŁ13.00