The World Cup Challenge continues III – Episode 81

July 3rd, 2009

Results Round-Up


Thought I’d send you a little self-appraisal of my WC Challenge thus far:

As you can see, I’ve started slowly. Not badly – slowly. Like Brazil, I’m playing the game at 60%, as opposed to England who just aren’t playing very well. Apparently, BBC commentators have it written into their contracts that they aren’t allowed to say anything negative about Brazil. However, they are allowed to insert the words ’samba’ and ‘beautiful’ into every sentence as freely as they wish. Indeed, John Motson is on a bonus if he beats his own previous record.

So, to the bets. At the moment I have running total of ÂŁ14.24 after 9 bets. I’ve got 3 right so far. My biggest problem at the moment seems to be keeping track of all the bloody games. You wait in anticipation for 4 years for the tourno to start and then you blink an eye and about 20 games have been played. That’s why my bets have a scatter-gun appearance about them. I envisaged myself chewing the end of a pencil and making considered, intelligent decisions on all these bets and coming out with a fortune. It has not turned out that way. In fact it’s more reminiscent of my spectacular ‘ÂŁ7 on Leeds to beat Arsenal after I’ve had half a bottle of wine’ type decision making.

I had a look at the opposition and I impressed with late challenger, Barney Der Bomber’. He had a couple of goods wins and if I get really desperate I might just copy him. I won’t win the WC Challenge but I might just finish with more than the ÂŁ1.24 I’m likely to have left. Aren’t we supposed to finish with more than than the ÂŁ20 we started with? Otherwise it’s like I’m just…ooh…giving the money the Blue Square. Whilst I’m impressed with the Bomber I’m, as ever, bemused with your choices Bookers. You’re shit and you know you are.

My time will come in the knock-out phase. By then I’ll be fully fit, betting during the evening when it’s not so hot and will have worked out the tactics necessary to outwit the oppostion. My pencil is reading for chewing and you’d better beware. Pete Wager is on his way back!

And latest bets to end of group stage:

A3: Germany to beat Ecuador @ 2/5 – pr – 70p
C2: Argentina to beat Holland 2-1 with Crespo scoring first @ 30/1 – pr – 15.50
C3: Iv Coast to beat Serbia @ 11/10 – pr – 1.05
D3: Portugal to beat Mexico @ 13/10 – pr – 1.15
E3: Ghana & USA to have 4 or more goals @ 9/4 – pr – 1.62
F3: Brazil v Japan – Kaka to score a goal @ 6/4 – pr – 1.25
G3: Sth Korea to beat Switzerland @ 3/1 – pr – 2.00
H2: Spain v Tunisia – Reyes to score @ 6/1 – pr – 3.50
H3: Spain v Saudi Arabia – 2-0 Spain with Torres scoring 1st goal @ 18/1 – pr – 9.50.

Pete Wager

Poor deluded Pete! Read ‘em and weap brother:

Final group stage bets:

Ukraine v Tunisia – Ukraine to win @ 4/6
Czech v Italy – Italy to win @ evens
France v Togo – Henry to score first @ 9/4

Current Total ÂŁ17.86
16 knockout stage bets to go!


Here are Der Bombers last bets for the group stage:

A – C Rica 2 Poland 1 – 20/1 – pr – 10.50
Germany v Ecuador – 4 or more goals – 9/5 – pr – 1.40

B – England v Sweden – 2 or 3 goals – 20/21 – pr – 98p

C – I Coast to beat S & M – 11/10 – pr – 1.05

D – Portugal v Mexico – 2-2 draw with Pauleta to score 1st goal – 80/1 – 40.50

Stay tuned as the World Cup Challenge continues!