Episode 8

March 20th, 2008

Can you believe that? Man Utd lost to Middlesborough 3-2. It was generally held that Utd had to win that one to stay within reach of Arsenal who have now extended their lead at the top of the Premiership to 7 points! They had to win. Losing wasn’t an option. However, they lost. Therein lies one of the dangers of gambling, even with my chosen “safe bet” strategy – there is no such thing as a dead cert. Maybe the Irish geezers hassling Sir Alex over the retired Nag’s stud fees has unsettled the players? Maybe he should have played Roy Keene after all? Maybe gambling really IS a “mug’s game”?

However, the demise of my “double” bet was sweetened by Chelsea’s victory which netted me 29p profit. I now have ÂŁ1.69 to play with – the rest of my dosh is still tied up in The Darkness as the Brits doesn’t in fact happen until next week.

A summary of sorts then:

Number of bets made so far – 8
Number of bets won – 3
Number of bets lost – 3
Number of bets still outstanding – 2
Money to play with ÂŁ1.69
Money won – 69p
Money lost – ÂŁ3

Not looking good is it? I really do need a result at the Brits to put me into profit, and maybe some small wins before then. If only Johnny hadn’t walked out of the jungle…..if only, if only. If only my aunty had bollocks she’d be my uncle (copyright David Brent).