The World Cup Challenge Continues – Episode 79

July 1st, 2009

Results Round-Up

It has to said that I’m crap at this betting game. My first three bets? They went down quicker than Michael Owen in a tackle-avoidance tumble in the box. First up was Poland v Ecuador. They Poles showed up well in the qualifiers so I thought they do the bizz for me. Did they hell. Then it was T & T against the normally steady Swedes. Another shock! The third of my trio of sad efforts was my prediction that The Serbs would draw with those Orange boys from the Netherlands. Left foot specialist Robben sealed a victory for Holland and left me on ÂŁ18.50 after three bets. Having seen Barney Der Bombers flying start I suspect I will have to be more adventurous or this compo is going to get away from me.

…and my next 3 bets:

E1: Italy to beat Ghana – 8/15 – potential return 76p

F1: Brazil to beat Croatia – 2/5 – potential return 70p

A2: Germany to beat Poland – 8/15 – potential return 76p

Current Total: ÂŁ17.00

34 bets to go.

Pete Wager

Ha ha! I see you have decided to play safe now Pete? Mixed results for me folks with success in 7 out of 9 bets, which sounds good but actually leaves me just 21p in profit as most were heavy favourites at low odds. However, I am in profit which is more than can be said for Potty Pete!

New bets now placed:

Aussies V Japs – Aussies to win at 5/6

France v Switzerland – Frogs at 8/13

Spain v Ukraine – Spain at 5/6

Current Total ÂŁ18.71
28 bets to go!


As Pete mentioned, a new challenger has now thown his hat into the ring. Or should that be his Pilot’s googles? Yes welcome Barney Der Bomber! Barney is off to a flyer, as you would expect from a pilot! His bets so far:

B1: England 3 Paraguay 0 with Lampard to score 1st – lost
C1: Argentina 3 Ivory Coast 0 – Lost
D1: Mexico 3 Iran 1 – Won!!!

Barney’s Bets to Come:
Group A: Germany to beat Poland at 8/15, possible return ÂŁ0.76
Group B: Sweden v Paraguay, 2 or 3 goals at 10/11, possible return ÂŁ0.95
Group C : Argentina v Serbia and Montenegro ,Crespo 1st goal at 4/1 poss return ÂŁ2.50
Group D: Mexico to beat Angola 3-0 at 8/1, poss return ÂŁ4.50
Group F: Brazil to beat Croatia 3-1 at 11/1, poss return ÂŁ6.00
Group G: South Korea vTogo 4 or more goals at 16/5 ,poss return ÂŁ2.10
France to draw with Switzerland 2-2 at 18/1, poss return ÂŁ9.50
Group H: Tunisa to draw with Saudi Arabia 2-2 at 16/1 poss return ÂŁ8.50

As you can see, Barney is an adventurous gambler and is currently leading the pack on ÂŁ22.

Stay tuned as the World Cup Challenge continues!