The World Cup Challenge Begins – Episode 78

June 28th, 2009

Let the competition commence!

Day one:
Game On Bookers! My first 3 bets in the World Cup Challenge have been placed. Keep an eye on those rules as a disqualification would be embarrassing for the Bookmeister:

Bet 1: Grp A (bet 1 of 3) – Poland to beat Ecuador (odds 4/5) – 50p stake – Potential Return – 90p

Bet 2: Grp B (bet 1 of 3) – Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden to have 2/3 goals (odds evens) – 50p stake – Potential Return – ÂŁ1

Bet 3: Grp C (bet 1 of 3) – Serbia & Holland to Draw (odds 9/4) – 50p stake – Potential Return – ÂŁ1.62

Current Total: ÂŁ18.50

37 bets to go.

Pete Wager

Where on Earth did you get those tips Pete? You are being adventurous (or is it foolhardy?) betting on draws!

Stand back and let a real man bet!

Germany v Costa Rica – 2 or 3 goals at evens (Potential Return ÂŁ1)

Poland v Ecuador – Poland at 4/5 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.90)

England v Paraguay – England at 4/7 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.79) – bet placed twice! (sneeky tactics there Pete!)

Trinidad v Sweden – Sweden at 2/9 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.61)

Agentina V Ivory Coast – Argentina at 8/13 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.81)

Serbia v Holland – Holland at 4/5 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.90)

Mexico v Iran – Mexico at 1/2 (Potential Return ÂŁ0.75)

Portugal v Angola – Portugal at 1/3 (Potential Return 0.67)

Pick the bones out of that lot Poor Porky Pete!

Current Total ÂŁ15.50
31 bets to go!


Stay tuned as the World Cup Challenge continues!