The return of Peter Wager and the World Cup Challenge – Episode 77

June 26th, 2009

Hello folks. Another break in transmission I`m afraid. I am still plugging away though and am currently on ÂŁ21 with that 8/1 Arsenal bet still outstanding. But the big news today is that my old sparring partner Pete Wager has resurfaced and has issued me with a challenge! In his own words then:


I’ve kept an eye on your pathetic progress on and I think the time is right for a challenge. It’s May the 9th today and I notice you didn’t have any money on Theo Walcott getting into the Squad. Well, I did. I saw Walcott play in an Under 10’s game when I was in Devon in 1998 and put ÂŁ100 on him getting into the 2006 World Cup Squad. Now, that’s betting. So, check this out. A World Cup Betathon.

Read the rules and get back to me.
1] Each challenger will place ÂŁ20 with Blue Square before the Tourno begins.
2] Each bet during the Tourno should only be 50p. Therefore: 40 bets.
3] The first 24 bets will be on Group games. You have to place 3 bets per group. There are 8 groups, so – 8 x 3 = 24 bets.
4] The remaining 16 bets have to be placed on each of the knock out games (including 3rd place play-off).
5] Each bet must be declared by the morning of the game.
6] Winner will be the challenger with most money at the end of the Tourno.
7] Remember: You have to bet on 40 games. If you get it wrong every time you should end up with nothing. Any void bets cannot be transferred to another game. If you have 6 void bets during the Tourno you should end up with ÂŁ3.

Pete Wager

Ha ha ha! I`m gonna wipe the floor with the poor misguided fool! Stay tuned for the World Cup Challenge then folks!

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (ÂŁ1 at 8/1)
Running total – ÂŁ21.00