Ouchy! – Episode 73

May 22nd, 2009

Who would have believed that in a FA Cup quarter final when one team scores early in the first half that there would not another goal scored? Especially as it was Shearer’s last chance for silverwear before he retires. You would have thought Newcastle would really have gone for it and maybe left themselves open to conceding a second goal even? It didn’t happen so my bet went down like the team from the North East.

I have now gone for nil or one goal to be scored in the last of the quarters being played this evening between Charlton and Middlesborough. Those two teams do not strike me as goal machines – hence the bet – a quid at 11/5.

The Players Golf Championship is being held this weekend, and I have gone for golf’s big game player the Tiger himself to emerge victorious – one pound at 9/2. It is generally considered to be the unofficial “fifth major” so Tiger should be able to raise his game for this one.

Number of bets still outstanding – 3 (ÂŁ1 at 11/5, ÂŁ1 at 9/2 and ÂŁ1 at 8/1)
Running total – ÂŁ22.00