My wings have melted – Episode 71

May 18th, 2009

Ok – I was going great guns. Since I began my most recent comeback I had placed 22 bets and only lost on 4 (winning on 18!) – and that is a phenomenal success rate in anybody’s book. There was only one way it could go from there, and so it has proved to be. However, I will just weather the storm and keep to strategy, and hopefully it will turn around again.

The most annoying loss was Greg Owen, in the Bay Hill Invitational Golf Tornament. I had a quid on him at 5/2 which was looking very safe when at the 17th hole he had a four foot putt to take a 2 shot lead to the 18th and final hole. So what does he do? He misses the four feet putt and also misses the two footer that followed! That meant he was level with Rod Pampling going into the 18th, which he subsequently bogeyed to lose by one stroke. A spectacular collapse indeed and one no doubt he cannot quite come to terms with himself.

I also lost on another two footy bets. This evening I have placed another “total goals” bet on the Man City West Ham FA Cup quarter final. If 2 or 3 goals are scored I will be back to winning ways. Come on Man Ham!

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (ÂŁ1.50 at evens)
Running total – ÂŁ18.00