Episode 7

March 14th, 2008

Yes! Arsenal did the business yet again winning themselves 3 points in the Premiership and winning me the grand sum of 11pence. Man U versus Middlesborough is actually being played this evening (not yesterday as I first thought) so we will need to wait until late this evening to see if they can also win me 11p. If they do also win though that would mean my “double” bet is valid and that should yield a far greater sum (maybe a quid or more perhaps). But not only that, this evening it is also the Brits Awards so we will find out if The Darkness can spread a little light into my life.

Actually I am not now sure that the Brits is happening this evening. Blue Square seems to think it is but the official Brits website states 17th Feb! Who knows – certainly not me. Eager for more action I have decided to place 50p on Roman Ambramovic’s Chelsea superstars to beat lowly Portsmouth later today at odds of 4/7 which, if successful, will net me 79p. All together now – “Hey Big Spender!” I am beginning to like it, maybe i should take it to a casino (or better yet, an online casino or pokerroom) and try my luck there? Ok ok ok i am getting carried away – some other time then.

Yes it promises to be an exciting evening in Gambleland. Check in tomorrow to see how we done. If the Brits is happening then after this evening all outstanding bets will have been played so I can give a “running totals so far” summary. Has the ÂŁ10 start-up fund been increased? If so by how much? Or will I be left to bet with pennies. Find out tomorrow!