Spot on! – Episode 67

April 24th, 2009

C’mon son! The more observant of you will realise by now that both my bets came up on Wednesday evening – The Arse restricting Real to a nil-nil stalemate and Liverpool losing 2-0 to Benfica. I actually expected Liverpool to win 2-0 but I still won my bet because 2 goals were scored!

Arsenal are actually looking very good this year in the Champions League and I must admit I have now been tempted by the 8/1 odds for them to go the whole way and have risked a quid on that. Speculative and against strategy I know, but there we have it. You have to have a “heart rather than head” bet occasionally.

I have now placed my weekend bets as follows:

Man City to beat Portsmouth (50p at 7/5)
Wigan to beat Sunderland (ÂŁ1 at 5/4)

I may also sneak in a little bet in running on the Honda Classic golf tournament, but if I do it will be on Sunday night as they are coming down the stretch.

Have a nice weekend now and may the gambling gods be with you.

Number of bets still outstanding – 3 (ÂŁ1 at 8/1, ÂŁ1 at 5/4, ÂŁ0.50 at 7/5)
Running total – ÂŁ11.91