An added time loss! – Episode 66

April 22nd, 2009

Well would you believe it? My bet was looking good until this time the added time goal went against me! Chelsea were 1-0 down until given a soft penalty in added time which Lampard duly converted. Still, I can’t really complain having 3 “added time” wins recently.

Onwards and upwards. And so to The Arse V Real Madrid. Again I have gone for the “nil or one” goal bet at 5/2 for the same reasons as before. Also I have stuck a quid on there being 2 or 3 goals in the Liverpool/Benfica match at 10/11. Liverpool are one down after the first leg so do need to score two or more to go through. I think they will do it.

Number of bets still outstanding – 2 (ÂŁ1.00 at 5/2, ÂŁ1 at 10/11)
Running total – ÂŁ9.00