Japan go down – Episode 61

April 4th, 2009

Right so Blue Square tells me that I lost my bet on Japan. However, I can’t find the result anywhere on the net would you believe? Not on SkySports, not on the BBC. It obviously is out there somewhere but I can’t be arsed to search for it any longer. The match was either a draw or Bosnia won – whichever it was doesn’t really matter – I lost either way.

And it is not actually surprising I lost because despite my fine words in the previous installment, I broke my own rules. I bet on Japan to win when I haven’t a clue how good they are, or how good Bosnia are! It was a bet for a bet’s sake, a complete shot in the dark, and I deserved to lose for that reason.

In fact I can draw hope from that because it is an early warning not to deviate from the strategy!

So today we will go from one football team who I know absolutely nothing about ,to one I know everything about. England. This evening England take on Uruguay in their final international friendly before the World Cup. And of course they are going to win! The odds are 1/2 so I have just placed ÂŁ2 on an England win. C/mon lads! Do it for Bookers!

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (ÂŁ2.00 at 1/2)
Running total – ÂŁ6.00