The third comeback! – Episode 60

April 1st, 2009

OK so on Sunday 19th Feb. I had this urge to stick another tenner Blue Square’s way. No real idea why, just hadn’t had a bet lately and I don’t like the fact that this experiment seems to have failed. I`m sure it can work! So now I`m back again! And this time it’s personal! “Third time lucky”, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”, “you’re once, twice, three times a lady”. Whatever! And the fact is that this time I feel I can use the lessons I have learned so far to my advantage. I made some stupid bets in the past. If you are not careful you end up betting on anything just to have a bet (sounds like the beginning of an addiction). What you need to do I think is to just stick to the plan and only bet on things that you are fairly sure will come up for you.

And I have made a great start this time! I am out of the blocks and running. Check this: I put the tenner in on the Sunday and by the 23rd (just 4 days later) I took that tenner out again and left the ÂŁ8 or so profit in there to bet with. I managed that with some very good calls on Man City v Villa (a bet in running that Man City would get the draw, and they did, with literally the last touch of the match), golf (Sabbatini to win the Nissan Open – a bet in running on the final day), the two very pleasing bets on the amount of goals that would be scored in the Arsenal/Madrid match and the Chelsea/Barca match).

This time all bets will be far more considered which I am sure will pay dividends. So to recap, at the moment I have ÂŁ9.42 to play with which is total profit. However, in the greater scheme of things my aim is to recoup my losses and move into profit overall. I can’t say exactly how far I am down as the Blue Square system only goes back 2 years but it is around ÂŁ60, so stick around to see how I do!

Also, with this being a World Cup year, there is talk of a special World Cup betting event possibly with my old mucker Pete Wager. I am hoping I can reveal all very soon!

Update: since writing the above I have placed ÂŁ1.42 on Japan who are evens to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina in this evening’s international friendly. Is that totally against what I have said above? I don’t think so as Japan are an up and coming footy nation (aren’t they?).

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (ÂŁ1.42 at evens)
Running total – ÂŁ8.00