Episode 55

March 4th, 2009

Hi folks! Bookers checking back with you. How’s it been going for you? It’s not been going too great for me actually. I kept betting but on a lesser scale and have just now had a tot up. Since January 2004 when the experiment started I have deposited ÂŁ170 with Blue Square. During that period I have withdrawn only ÂŁ105 so that means that overall I am ÂŁ65 down! However I currently have ÂŁ13.57 in the account so in reality am ÂŁ51.43 down. And guess what? I now intend to win that all back! Yes sir Bookers is back and begging for more – and now since they have opened up a casino section that offers most popular games (blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, etc) the odds of my bouncing back and maybe even winning some more, who knows…

This has been prompted by a good recent run in which I correctly predicted Roy Keene would go to Celtic (the boyhood dream theory swayed me), Shayne would win The X Factor (he was the only one who looked and sounded like a star, and after Steve Brookstein last year they would not want to make the same mistake again) and that Chelsea would beat Arsenal in Sunday’s crunch Premiership match.

Stay tuned to see how I do!

Let’s get the ball rolling with a small punt on Bolton to beat high-flying Wigan in this evening’s Carling Cup tie. 57p says Sam Allardyce’s men will win through.

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (57p on Bolton)
Running total – ÂŁ13.00