Episode 53

February 20th, 2009

OK so I have not had a bet for a while because I felt there was nothing I could safely bet on, what with the footy finishing and everything. However, today I am to test the strategy big time. Jason is such a firm favourite to be evicted from the BB5 house this evening that I have stuck a tenner on it! His odds have varied wildly this week starting at 1/12 and going out to 1/50 at one stage. I got odds of 1/10 so will make a pound profit if he leaves. But it will be a very long way back if I lose. I guess his odds have been slashed due to Slick Vic’s outblast last night. However, I also think many people will agree with Vic and are glad he is there to mix things up a bit and pick on a few suckers. Shizzle Dizzle indeed.

I also have an outstanding ÂŁ1 bet on Stu to be the highest placed male in the game – we will need to wait and see on that one. If Michelle doesn’t eat him alive in the meantime I could be on a winner.

Number of bets still outstanding – 2
Running total – ÂŁ1.26