Episode 52

February 18th, 2009

Man I have travelled a rocky road the past few days. I was down to less than ÂŁ6 at one point as the Russian Goddess pulled off a fantastic victory over Serena.

Blue Square finally allowed me to bet on Nadia’s eviction and I wish they hadn’t as it cost me ÂŁ1. How can the public (yes you!) vote Marco out? He was pure TV Gold.

However, I rallied well later because I had Federer to win at Wimbledon, which he did eventually but it was looking well dodgy in the early stages of the match. I also backed Retief Goosen in the European Open because he won the US Open on a wicked course and therefore, I considered, had the tools for the job.

Then to top it all I backed Greece to beat Portugal in the footy final and they pulled of perhaps the most unlikely victory ever considering they had not won a game in any major tournament prior to this one. It was not pure hopeful speculation on my part though – they beat Portugal in the opening match of the tournament so maybe had a psychological advantage, and played really well in other games – especially in defense. Well done Greece! The Olympics will now be unlikely to start on time due to the party there that will rage for weeks. For all those Greeks that are inconsolable i recommend a short refreshing session with poker – this will surealy open your eyes and allow you to see things with a bit more of a perspective.

Number of bets still outstanding – 0
Running total – ÂŁ12.82