Episode 51

February 14th, 2009

Unfortunately, as you now know, Tim did not prove me wrong. I actually bet on Ancic so had mixed feelings – Tim lost but at least I won ÂŁ1.13p. Yes the hopes of a nation flounder but all is well because I trousered a quid. I don’t think Tim will ever win Winbledon now because he is nearly 30 and there are many younger, fitter, stronger opponents out there. He will join the ever lengthening list of Great British Also Rans (soon to be joined by Beckham, Owen, – add you own).

Wimbledon has not been that kind to me – backed Davenport to beat the Russian Goddess (she didn’t and cost me ÂŁ2), backed Mauresmo to win the second set against Serena (she didn’t and cost me ÂŁ1), but then backed Serena “in running” to win that match so recouped a few pennies there.

Meanwhile over in Portugal the Czechs failure to beat the Greeks cost me another ÂŁ1. I didn’t mind that too much as it’s great to see the initially unfancied Greeks doing so well. Not sure they will beat the hosts in the final though, although they did beat them in the opening match of the competition so who knows? Might have 50p on them!

Bets I would currently like to make but Blue Square hasn’t offered them:
Rooney to go to Man Utd.
Nadia to get evicted from the BB house this evening.
Me to dine on chicken kebab following 2 pints of Stella at the club.

Note: it is becoming a pain to keep track of bets made in the table below, so from now on I will just list the running total and the bets outstanding and then have a divvy up later.

Number of bets still outstanding – 1 (Serena to win !)
Running total – ÂŁ9.93