Episode 5

February 26th, 2008

“Celebrity” finishes tonight. The only remaining contestants are Jennie Bond, Peter Andre and Kerry McFadden. Who in God’s name is keeping former Royal Correspondent Jennie in there? Has the Queen bankrolled all her servants to keep voting for her? Or does she have hundreds of high-society friends who are supporting her?

Who knows, but she cannot actually win it can she? Peter Andre just looks like a sad chancer since his attempts at wooing Jordan failed. The guy is simply after a new record contract. Gotta be Kerry. She started out badly but has since become a firm favourite with the public with her determination to stick it out (her ample chest that is) and eat bugs. The current odds of 1/7 support that. Still the strategy is to bet on near-certainties so I am going to risk it.

However, since Johnny walked I only have ÂŁ2 left to bet with! The Brits haven’t happened yet so I have no winnings there to play with. If I place my final ÂŁ2 at those odds I will only win 29p! Is it worth it? Yeah – shit or bust – let’s do it. Come on Kerry!!