Episode 45

December 20th, 2008

OK – good old Blue Square actually voided the Ahmed bet because Big Brother threw the little minx Kitten out for persistant misbehavior. I thought they might keep the bet stake as Kitten was the first to be evicted , not Ahmed, but to their credit refunded the money.

Yesterday Ernie Els was leading the Memorial Golf Tournament in Ohio by 3 shots with 4 to play. I thought he would hold on to win and placed ÂŁ1 on that happening (bet in running). He did so, which yielded 67p profit! I like betting in running as it seems to give you a good chance to win at reasonable odds (usually).

I have decided, now I am back in profit, to choose my bets very carefully and try to stick with the initial stated strategy. I do still have the feeling that Ahmed will be the first BB evictee once conventional evictions begin so that could well be my next bet. He is older than the rest of the housemates and doesn’t really fit in that well. Why do i have a feeling they do not play poker with him in their spare time?

What I have also now done is to withdraw the second tenner I put into the betting account as it was only meant to enable me to continue and get back into profit – mission accomplished in that respect, so we are back on track with the initial ten pound stake, and we are ÂŁ1.14 in profit.

Number of bets made so far – 88
Number of bets won – 43
Number of bets lost – 44
Bets Void – 1
Number of bets still outstanding – 0
Running total – ÂŁ11.14