Episode 44

December 16th, 2008

Well, well. Last time I wrote I said “I am confident that two bets I have made will come up and will actually put me back into profit – i.e. back to over ÂŁ20.” And you saw what those bets were dear reader didn’t you? Alan Smith to go to Man Utd and Mourinho to take over as Chelsea boss. You will know by now that both of those bets actually did come up. The Smith bet was my best bet thus far in terms of odds offered/certainty of winning. OK my modest punt on Ranieri to Spurs now looks unlikely, but I am indeed no back into profit with the pot standing at ÂŁ20.47 – that 47p UP taking the project as a whole.

If you remember, I started with a tenner, blew that, didn’t want the experiment to end so added another ÂŁ10, and after some ups and downs (mainly downs), I am back to ÂŁ20.47. Some would say “quit while you’re ahead”, and others say “gambling is addictive”. But I say, how can you quit when you are sure that Ahmed will be the first Big Brother evictee? ÂŁ1 says I`m right.

Number of bets made so far – 87
Number of bets won – 41
Number of bets lost – 44
Number of bets still outstanding – 2
Running total – ÂŁ19.47