Episode 43

December 10th, 2008

OK I have had a bit of a rest from keeping this up to date as I don’t think anyone is reading anyway! I have placed a couple of small bets with mixed results, but am confident that two bets I have made will come up and will actually put me back into profit – i.e. back to over ÂŁ20. Firstly I have bet that Mourinho will take over as Chelsea boss, and that looks very likely. Secondly I was so confident that Alan Smith would move from Leeds to Man U that I places a fiver at 7/4 and if that baby comes up I will win ÂŁ13.75 inc. stake. The lad is ambitious and so Utd seemed the obvious choice – can’t see him chosing Everton over Utd. even though he will upset a lot of Leeds fans if he does move to Old Trafford. Still Ferdinand did it so why not Smithy?

I will publish a detailed summary after those bets close.