Episode 37

October 4th, 2008

Hmmm. Chelsea lost 3-1 which makes it very difficult for them to progress further in the competition. They were terrible in the second half. “Tinkerman” Ranieri tikered too much – he played a less than half-fit Veron and made some other very peculiar changes. The next day the papers and other commentators decided that he wasn’t a very good manager after all after singing his praises for months now. How soon things can change in football. “It’s all about results” as they say – one loss and you are suddenly a bad manager! Ah well – at least that result has made Roman Abromovich’s decision to sack Roman Ranners at the end of the season far more acceptable.

Then Sunderland lost to Crystal Palace 3-0 or something. My mistake again made through lack of research. Crystal Palace are the “in form” team apparantly and Sunderland are on a bad run – all common knowledge before the match, but knowledge that seemed to bypass me.

My next mistake was to back Newcastle to win against Marseille in the first leg of their UEFA Cup semi final. They drew 0-0. Again, it was not a certain win. This bet was made just to make the match more interesting and exciting to watch on TV! And that surely is the definite addictive element to gambling manifesting itself. You begin to need a gambling “fix” everyday. When you win you are on a high and when you lose you are down. Truly gambling is like a drug – and that’s why being a bookmaker is so lucrative.

I do now badly need a good win to replenish the kitty. Here comes the logic. Man Utd badly want second place in the Premiership. Liverpool badly want 4th place and with it Champions League football next year. Who wants their goal the most? ÂŁ2 says Man U do and will beat Liverpool tomorrow. Ah – that feels better.

Number of bets made so far – 70
Number of bets won – 32
Number of bets lost – 35
Number of bets still outstanding – 3
Running total – ÂŁ4.28