Episode 34

September 16th, 2008

So up pops Gary Neville to score his first Premiership goal in 3 years winning me 50p in the process.

And so to this evening’s EUFA Cup second leg between Newcastle and PSV. It’s 1-1 after the first leg and I fancy Newcastle to go through. ÂŁ1 then staked at 8/11 which will yield 73p profit if I am successful. Come one Shearer! Remember I added a second ÂŁ10 to the pot a while back so if I win this evening I will have at least retrieved the second tenner!

Number of bets made so far – 64
Number of bets won – 31
Number of bets lost – 30
Number of bets still outstanding – 3
Running total – ÂŁ9.19