A Brit of Alright? – Episode 3

February 20th, 2008

I’m fed up with waiting for the results. “Celeb” doesn’t finish until 9th Feb and the Brits doesn’t happen until 11th Feb. However, Johnny is still going strong in the Jungle and looking good – most papers seems to think he will win so my money is looking safe there. I’m feeling confident so I am going to place another bet. It’s the Brits again and this time I am going to have a punt on the “Best British Album”, and in keeping with my previous instinct it has to be “Permission To Land” by, of course, The Darkness. I will bet ÂŁ1 at odds of 11/10 which means I will win just ÂŁ1.10 but it is in keeping with my stated strategy. If The Darkness come up trumps I will take to wearing a lurex catsuit and pink feather boa in celebration and homage to the lads.

Looking good. My bets are as safe as a church tied to a hedge. When this baby comes up I will be straight off to book a villa or apartment on a golfing resort in Spain!

I cannot lose.