Episode 26

August 16th, 2008

I’m fast coming to the conclusion that I really am not very good at this. When I put the bet on Real beating Zaragoza I thought it was a Spanish League game. Turns out to be the Spanish Cup Final! Everyone knows that cup finals are unpredictable and anything can happen on the day – either team is likely to win, it’s a “one-off” match. And, of course, Zaragoza did win – 3-2. So I don’t even realise what I am betting on half the time, which is a recipe for disaster, and that disaster is happening to me because I am not being careful enough.

So bearing all that in mind I have a bet outstanding which resolves today, and that is for Best Mate to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup. And that bet should be safe because everyone knows that Best Mate is the greatest greyhound that has been seen for years.

Number of bets made so far – 34
Number of bets won – 14
Number of bets lost – 16
Number of bets still outstanding – 4
Running total – ÂŁ7.15