Episode 24

July 20th, 2008

OK, the stakes have been raised – literally. I know this is against my initial mission statement, and it probably charts my decline into gambling addiction, bankruptcy and ultimate ruin, but I have bunged another tenner into the Blue Square account. The way I see it I am simply borrowing on the winnings I “should” get when Arsenal do the double. Very dodgy reasoning I’m sure but it also allows me to keep betting now and try and retrieve the situation (a classic gamblers delusion if ever there was one!).

Having done that, I almost wish I hadn’t because I am already down to ÂŁ9.15 after a bad weekend bets wise. Yes, Arsenal won so that yielded a few pence but I also had the following bets:

Ian Woosenham to win the Qatar Masters Golf – which he didn’t.

A “treble” bet on Arsenal to win (which they did), for there to be more than 4 goals in the Manchester derby (which there was – Man City won 4-1) and Celtic to beat Motherwell (and they only drew!). I was a pimple away from paradise as they say. Trouble is a pimple away ain’t close enough in the betting business.

Oh and I also had another bet on Van Nistelrooy to score – and again he didn’t.

I really must return to my stated game-plan i.e. only bet on near certainties. I think I have now learned from my previous mistakes and expect to be back on track and in profit shortly. We shall see.

Number of bets made so far – 32
Number of bets won – 14
Number of bets lost – 15
Number of bets still outstanding – 3
Running total – ÂŁ9.15