Episode 22

June 24th, 2008

OK I won, but I am not going to start shouting about how “the rehabilitation has begun” – again – because I have a bit of a mountain to climb, and not much money to spend on ice-picks and those shoes with spikes on the bottom. Not to mention thermal underwear and a nice fluffy padded jacket. I have to pick my bets very carefully in order to make the summit.

My initial decision to not back on the gee-gees has been vindicated by the two high-profile cases in the news recently. One jockey who was about 10 lengths clear with only yards to the finish line actually managed to lose, and the other decided to jump ship after seemingly negotiating a fence perfectly well. Someone cleaned up at the bookies as a result. No, you cannot gamble on the lottery that is British horseracing, and tennis and athletics is awash with nandralone. So now that Bruce Grobbelaar and John Fashanu have retired, footy seems to be the least corrupt sport around.

So with that in mind I have just placed another 50p on Arsenal to beat Blackburn in the Premiership on Saturday. Let the ascent begin.

Number of bets made so far – 28
Number of bets won – 13
Number of bets lost – 11
Number of bets still outstanding – 4
Running total – 88p