Episode 19

May 24th, 2008

Barcelona – such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona – like a jewel in the sun
Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar
Barcelona – suenan las campamas
Barcelona – abre tus puertas al mundo
If God is willing
Iif God is willing
If God is willing
Friends until the end
Viva – Barcelona

So they lost then.

No, of course not, they won! Well done Barca! Had they lost I would pretty much have been down and out (ish). Now I am born again!

Okey dokey. Onwards and upwards. It’s at times like these a man’s mind wanders to the weekend’s Premiership action and the battle at the top thereof. Man Utd (yes I know they have not been good to me recently) really do have to win on Saturday against Fulham, at Old Trafford, to have any chance at all of overturning Arsenal’s lead as they did last season. I don’t think they will actually catch them this year (and I have a “double” resting on the outcome of that) but they will give it a damn good try. Fergie must be spitting feathers at the minute and a good few players will be getting the old “hairdryer” treatment. He is also getting a lot of stick in the press and people are now beginning to question his judgement – and that he will not like. Arsenal, of course, are flying so they “should” beat Portsmouth away from home. I have therefore decided to do another double bet and have placed ÂŁ1 on Man Utd and Arsenal to win. They both have to win otherwise I will lose my stake. If they both win I will make ÂŁ1.09 profit (after stake) – had I placed two 50p singles and they both came up I would only have made 45p.

Should be a fun weekend.

Number of bets made so far – 23
Number of bets won – 11
Number of bets lost – 8
Number of bets still outstanding – 5
Running total – ÂŁ2.59