Episode 16

May 14th, 2008

Yesterday evening I realised, after the match had started, that Liverpool were playing Bulgarian team Levski Sofia in the first leg of their 3rd round UEFA Cup tie. Blue Square sometimes let you place bets “in running” which in effect means during the match. The odds change on the various outcomes as the match progresses. At half time the score was 0-0 and I placed 50p on a Reds victory, my thinking being that they are overdue a win, and the players especially would want to atone for what have been pretty miserable performances recently. Plus they would want to do something to lessen the pressure on under-fire boss Gerard Houllier, whose head seems to be called for almost daily at the moment.

So that’s my justification for succumbing to what seems to be burgeoning gambling addiction. Matches such as these are just so much more enjoyable when you have a few bob on the outcome!

Imagine my delight then as Gerrard (the player, not the coach) nearly burst the old onion bag with a 25 yard rocket, and Aussie enigma Harry Kewell followed up 4 minutes later with an even better effort. Job done then and pressure relieved from Gerard Houllier and myself as I trousered 29p profit. It all helps.

Let’s hope the good fortune continues when my current chosen betting favourites (and closest thing to the mythical “dead cert”) Arsenal play Charlton in the Premiership on Saturday. I have a ÂŁ1 on at 1/4 so stand to pocket another 25p profit. Keen for more action I have had another 50 bet – this time on Chelsea’s Roman Army to beat under-achieving Man City at 4/5.

The only way is up.

Actually the real “dead cert” this weekend would be Celtic to be Livingston at odds of 1/14. So just for fun let’s pretend I have placed ÂŁ1000 on Celtic to win. If they do I would win ÂŁ71.43 – in reality not a bad rate of interest for one day.

Number of bets made so far – 20
Number of bets won – 8
Number of bets lost – 7
Number of bets still outstanding – 5
Running total – ÂŁ2.44