Episode 12

April 14th, 2008

Not good. Not good at all. This gambling lark is a real roller coaster ride. One day you’re up – the next you are down. My thinking was this: Man United now have to start winning to have any chance of catching Arsenal in the Premiership. They usually win anyway, but considering their next game was against struggling Leeds then they were definitely going to win – they had to!

They didn’t – they drew. And in the process lost me my ÂŁ3 stake.

Then there’s Portsmouth, also struggling in the Premiership and highly unlikely to hold off Liverpool again in their FA Cup 5th round replay. Not only did they hold them off, they actually managed to win the match. I saw the second half on TV. Michael Owen squandered the chance to put Liverpool ahead with one of the weakest most pathetic penalties I have ever seen. Five minutes later Portsmouth scored and that was that. The missed penalty was a pivotal moment. So Liverpool are out of the cup and I lost my ÂŁ2 stake.

Prior to those two bets I placed ÂŁ2 on The Arse to do the Premiership and FA Cup double at 3/1. I also placed 50p on Scott Parker and 50p on Alan Smith to make the England Squad which travels to Portugal this summer for the European Championships. Those bets are obviously going to take a while to resolve so after the weekend I now only have ÂŁ3.10 to play with and I need to make that count. I will really need to consider my next wager very carefully.

As well as the roller coaster ride, betting also causes inner turmoil and asks questions about your loyalty. I have been a Man U fan since childhood but now find myself wanting Arsenal to win the FA Cup and the Premiership! What nature of pastime is it that causes such contradictions in a man? All very strange (but still quite fun!).

Number of bets made so far – 15
Number of bets won – 6
Number of bets lost – 6
Number of bets still outstanding – 3
Running total – ÂŁ3.10