Episode 11

April 4th, 2008

Yes! Oh yes indeedy! Bring it on! I believe in a thing called The Darkness! Result! Big result in fact for me because I was down to my last ÂŁ1.14 before The Brits. However, I am now sitting here typing in my lurex catsuit and pink feather boa, just as I said I would, in homage to the lads from Lowestoft. Best British Band and Best British Album! “Double bubble” indeed. Well done also to the boys from Busted who did actually win a couple of gongs but not thankfully in my chosen categories. I also really enjoyed their version of “Teenage Kicks” which they played at the Brits.

Yes the experiment is saved and we are now in fact showing a reasonable profit :

Number of bets made so far – 10
Number of bets won – 6
Number of bets lost – 4
Number of bets still outstanding – 0
Running total – ÂŁ11.10

So my ÂŁ10 initial fund has now become ÂŁ11.10 in just under 3 weeks – far better interest rates than you would get at any bank! I need to consider my next move. I am now almost convinced that I have to have that flutter on Arsenal to do the Premiership/FA Cup double, and the odds on that happening are 3/1 at the moment. The question is how much to place? ÂŁ5 would bring in ÂŁ15 profit but it is a fair wedge to lose……Stay tuned – this shit’s about to get heavy (I just settled all my lawsuits – f**k you Debbie :-) (copyright Eminem).