Episode 10

April 2nd, 2008

Well would you believe it? The bet I thought was cast on stony ground i.e. Thomas Bjorn in the Buick Invitational, came up for me, and the bet I laid to compensate for the ill thought out gamble i.e. Liverpool to beat Portsmouth in the FA Cup, went down like Leeds from the Premiership! Talk about “Bjorn again”! Good old Thomas actually finished just one shot behind the eventual winner John Daly, whilst our friend Freddie Jacobson floundered 12 shots behind. I’m beginning to think that “sure bets” are not “sure” at all and that gambling may indeed be a mug’s game rather than a canny investment opportunity.

I also think that my early ÂŁ5 bet on The Darkness was perhaps a bit over the top as I placed half of my overall budget on that one wager! I will be glad when the Brits is over – I seem to have been waiting for that event to happen for ages. I am pretty sure it actually happens tomorrow evening so we will be able to see if The Darkness can save this experiment, or if I will in fact be “Busted”.

I am now seriously considering placing 50p or so on Arsenal to do the Premiership/FA Cup double after their brilliant win against Chelsea in the cup at the weekend. They just look so good that I can’t see anyone stopping them. I will decide on that for sure after Tuesday!


Number of bets made so far – 10
Number of bets won – 4
Number of bets lost – 4
Number of bets still outstanding – 2
Money to play with ÂŁ1.14
Money won – ÂŁ1.14
Money lost – ÂŁ4